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Our Services


Individual, Family, and Group Therapy

Counseling services are available to help you, your child, or other family member make changes to improve social relationships, school and work performance, and self-awareness. 


Solving problems starts with understanding them.  Whether it’s designing a program of learning, managing risk, or designing a treatment plan our team will conduct thorough psychological and behavioral evaluation to build a roadmap to success.

Functional Behavior Assessment and Intervention

With expertise in behavior analysis and both cognitive and behavioral interventions our team can develop plans to reduce challenging behavior in school and home settings.  

Staff Training and Consultation

Does your school or teaching team need to develop or sharpen skills in assessment or intervention?  Does your school need to develop a plan for responding to student threats? We offer training for individual, small group, classroom, and whole-school interventions.

Parent Training

Struggling to understand how to help your child?  Let us work with you to develop strategies for advocacy, support, and managing the toughest moments.


It takes a village.  We can connect you with other groups for advocacy, support, and intervention.  Let us connect you to disability service organizations, parent groups, and other service providers through our community networking.